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Why buy a heat pump?

Why buy a heat pump?

A heat pump is a far cheaper way to heat your pool or spa water.

It is approximately 80% cheaper than using a conventional electric heating element to warm the same volume of water.

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How does a heat pump work?

It works a bit like a fridge in reverse, using the same principles as a reverse cycle air-conditioner. The heat pump extracts the heat in the air using a condenser and an evaporator, and uses this heat to warm your pool or spa water.

If you choose the right Heat Pump they can work in almost any temperature. Utilising this sophisticated heat exchange system, Summerwave Heat Pumps operate effectively from as low as sub zero –10c, right up to above 40c. Very few Heat Pumps have such an astonishing operational range as Summerwave.



Stylish & Strong

With its stylish and elegant outer casing, there is no need to hide a Summerwave Heat Pump. The outer shell is built to last, looks stylish, and will endure extreme weather conditions.

The high quality titanium heat exchanger is clad in PVC for additional strength, making it long lasting and durable.

Summerwave, quality and class.




All Summerwave Heat Pumps have multiple protection devices and systems which include :

  • Automatic defrost by injecting warm Ozone Friendly Refrigerant R410A or R32 through the coils to melt the ice
  • High/Low pressure protection
  • Overload protection
  • Insufficient water flow protection
  • Compressor protected by layers of expandable Aluminium Hydrophilic Fins
  • Intelligent Controller with continuous self-diagnosis checks
  • Error message display on Digital Touch Pad
  • Aluminium Alloy or ABS Cabinet; no rust, no splitting


Neighbour friendly

Special attention has been paid to the noise level of Summerwave Heat Pumps. Our ambition for a Whisper Quiet Operation has been achieved with an astonishing noise level rating between 18.6dB - 37.1dB at 10 metres, quieter than the average hairdryer.

This achievement is all in the design and quality of the components.



Ease of Use

Summerwave Heat Pumps have been designed with the end user in mind. Programmable LCD Digital Controllers & Touchpads or Touchscreens make it easy to customise heat to individual needs with the added advantage to being able to trouble shoot with error messages should a problem occur.

Summerwave Full Inverter Turbo Boost Heat Pump features built-in WiFi within the Touchscreen, while the front venting Standard & Full Inverter ranges are WiFi compatible. Ease of use is all in the design.



Energy Smart

Summerwave Heat Pumps draw a low input of power starting at 0.23kw depending on the model chosen and turns it into a high output of power, which is used to heat or cool your pool or spa water. This makes heat pumps the most energy efficient method of heating and maintaining heat in pool or spa water.

Solar panels on your house make a Heat Pump an even smarter heating choice for your pool or spa.

Summerwave Heat Pumps are built with minimal power consumption for maximum heating in mind. Choose smart. Choose Summerwave.

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You can rest assured, Summerwave Heat Pumps are designed with the environment in mind. From high performing Eco-Friendly R410A or R32 gas & low dB noise levels, we have the environment covered. Reduce your carbon footprint by powering a SummerWave Heat Pump with renewable energy from solar panels.

Electric heat pumps are more planet friendly than burning fossil fuels such as gas. To reduce your carbon footprint even more, take advantage of the Intelligent Control system to use off-peak electricity to heat your spa or pool.



Safe & Reliable

The Summerwave Heat Pump is designed to meet stringent Australian and European regulations and is compliant with all safety and environmental industry standards. It is equipped with only reliable Mitsubishi or GMCC Compressors and uses ozone friendly Refrigerant R410A or R32 gas.

You can rely on Summerwave Heat Pumps to keep your family swimming longer.

Quality you can trust.



The performance of a heat pump is measured by its COP rating. The international benchmark for measuring the COP is 24c-26c ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the COP rating will be. Beware of COP ratings that are based on an ambient temperature higher than 26c. Summerwave only use International Benchmark Measurements so you always know what performance to expect from your Heat Pump

Summerwave Heat Pumps enjoy an outstanding minimum COP (heating) of 5.5 for heating and minimum EER (cooling) of 3.52 with a maximum COP up to 15.5, higher than any other Heat Pump in it’s class! A COP of 6 means the heat pump transfers 6 times more heat than the energy it consumes, therefore the higher the COP rating, the more efficient the heat pump is, saving you money!

With its economic, quiet, environmentally friendly operation, Summerwave has excellent yields and reliability with a coefficient of performance (COP) superior to the standards of the Australian market.

With Summerwave, your pool or spa can be warm and ready to swim for as little as $2.40 per day*.
Summerwave delivers you visible financial benefits. The rest are just trying to keep up with Summerwave Heat Pumps. You may pay a little more, but the quality is worth it!

*figures based on a Sydney pool 26.3 sqm with a solar cover, running between October – April with a water temperature of 28c with electrical prices as at 1st June 2014 compared with standard domestic electricity tariff. Actual costs are dependent upon specific pool environment and weather conditions.

Summerwave, a range of Heat Pumps equipped with the latest technology and quality components to deliver heat to your pool or spa at an affordable price.

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Easy Access

When ever possible, The Summerwave Heat Pump will plug into an ordinary household electricity socket, eliminating the need for an electrician.

Summerwave models 65si to 100Fi all work off a standard 10amp socket. Summerwave models 12.5si to 135Fi work off a standard 15amp socket. Models 165si, 175Fi to 270Fi (single) & models 135FiV, 172FiV & 220FiV are single phase hard wire. The only model requiring 3 phase power is 350Fi

The standard Australian 40/50mm connections make it easy to connect to your current spa or pool plumbing.



With a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) rating of 5.5-16.1, the Summerwave Heat Pump will save you time and money every day. This means the heat pump provides 5.5-16.1 units of heat for each unit of energy consumed, as compared to other brand heat pumps that have a COP rating of 3.5. Summerwave also has an exceptionally low Power Input. The lower the Power Input and the higher the COP rating, the cheaper and more efficient it will be to warm your pool or spa water.

With the Summerwave Heat Pump your spa or pool water will be maintained at the desired temperature at a fraction of the cost of a conventional heater or other Heat Pumps in it’s class.

Higher system efficiency at all climate conditions means significant end user savings on electricity bills.

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat Pumps extract the ambient air temperature from the surrounding air by the heat collector and absorbed by the refrigerant gas, then compressed. This causes the heat to rise.

The heat is then returned to your pool via the Titanium Heat Exchanger Coil.



  • Pipe installation is simple and can be done by yourself or your local plumber.
  • You will require three 2 way valves to balance the flow of water and required lengths of 40mm-50mm class 12 high pressure PVC pipe.
  • Please refer to the Specification Table on the back of the brochure for the electrical requirements for the different models.
  • Larger units will require an Electrician to hard wire the heat pump on a separate circuit.


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