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Summerwave Turbo Boost Heat Pumps

Summerwave Turbo Boost Heat Pumps

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Summerwave Full Inverter Vertical Turbo Boost Heat Pump

The Award-Winning Turbo Boost Range

This technology enhances the economic performance of a Heat Pump significantly. The Turbo Boost feature is the latest innovation in Heat Pump Technology. For example, Summerwave 135FiV has a heating capacity of 13.5kw, but when Turbo Boost is activated it has a heating capacity of 16.2kw. Initiating the Turbo Boost function creates up to an additional 20% heating capacity for the duration of water flow. The purchase cost, however, is not reflective of the extra heating capacity, making it a smart choice for the consumer as the Turbo Boost function reduces:

  • Heating time
  • Energy usage
  • Cost to the consumer

Australia’s first compact sized top venting (Vertical) Heat Pump

Summerwave Full Inverter Turbo Boost Heat Pump (FiV) is a compact top discharge model, to enable limited space installation, fitting well into the modern-day phenomenon of the big house, small back yard scenario.

Conventional top discharge models are large ugly boxes, which limits their use and appeal to the consumer due to both their size and appearance. The FiV has been designed to be much smaller than conventional models, boasts a Matte Black Aluminium Alloy Cabinet, flush mounted Touch Screen, and built-in WiFi.

Turbo Boost Heat Pump

Compact and Sleek

The compact, sleek design, coupled with the efficiency of a Full Inverter and the additional heating capacity of the Turbo Boost has resulted in a lot of excitement from Summerwave Dealers and Consumers alike.

  • Faster heating time; up to 20% additional heating capacity
  • Reduced energy use
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Reduced purchase price and running cost
  • Reduced noise
  • Smaller size top venting; more scope for installation
  • Improved appearance
  • Durability

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