Luxury Spas from The Pool & Spa Shop 


Good insulation of a spa is imperative to reducing heating costs.

Extreme Heat Lock Insulation is exclusive to Summer Spas and is included as a Standard Feature saving you up to 65% on your heating costs. Designed to create a thermal barrier to the environment, every surface of the spa is encased in a minimum of 40mm thick, dense insulation panels, wrapped in Aluminium Foil. No other Spa Company has gone as far as Summer Spas to minimise the environmental impact on your spa and its’ energy efficiency, yet allow easy access for maintenance.


Spa Top

To slow down heat loss from the water a good quality Spa Cover is imperative. Each Summer Spa has a custom fit, 150mm thick density, Marine Grade Vinyl, Thermal Hard Cover which is also key lockable for your peace of mind.


Heat Lock PanelsSpa Walls

There are four layers to the walls of every Summer Spa. The PVC Cabinet, the spa frame, the PVC thermal bridge around the Frame, and the insulation panels wrapped in aluminium foil.

Fitted around the entire PVC Cabinet of every Summer Spa are 50mm thick, dense foam panels, wrapped in aluminium foil. Between these panels and the frame is a layer of PVC to create Thermal Bridging. This will prevent temperature transference between your spa water and the environment while still leaving all the working parts accessible. Beware of cheap imitations with a “Foil Curtain”. Without dense insulation foam the foil curtain simply ‘blows in the wind’.


Spa Floor

Cold Bridge ProtectionThe floor of every Summer Spa has three layers to it; a 10mm thick Fully Sealed ABS base, 40mm thick dense foam panels and 10mm thick PVC floor. This sandwich layer not only keeps your spa safe from vermin but prevents temperature transference from the cold concrete floor and soil to your spa, saving you money in heating costs.

With Summer Spas’ exclusive Extreme Heat Lock Insulation, the temperature of your spa water will be easy to maintain and you will enjoy the cost saving benefits of reduced energy consumption and lower power bills.


Aluminium FrameFrame

All Summer Spas have a Superior Strength Aluminium Frame. Aluminium does not rust, burn or attract White Ants, but ensures the integrity of your spa. Summer Spas are built to last.




Sandwich FloorA thick ABS base will protect your spa if you wish to move it. A fully sealed ABS base will additionally protect your spa from vermin entering the Cabinet. Some spas have a cheap plywood base, or even worse; no base at all. A base is important to protect your equipment & plumbing from the elements, when re-locating it, and from destructive vermin. Summer Spas have a 10mm thick, Fully Sealed ABS Base to ensure the safety and durability of your Spa.


G2Perfectly Designed
Our Spas lead the world with innovative spa designs. They are built using
only the highest quality materials and equipment. In most spa designs, the only thing
to add is an entertainment system, everything else is included as standard.

Perfectly Comfortable
Our Spas are ergonomically designed to fit your body shape. Whether
relaxing in the reclining lounges or enjoying a massage from our premium Hydrotherapy jets,
your comfort is guaranteed.

Perfectly Entertained
Experience the ultimate in-spa entertainment with a Blue Tooth connected Music System, featuring Tranducer Speakers (mounted inside the Cabinet on the underside of the spa shell) and a Sub-Woofer to really make your spa rock out!

g1Perfectly Relaxed
Let the soft scrolling colours of our Fibre Optic lights entrance you while Champagne is
chilling in the ice bucket. Or close your eyes and let the soothing sound of a Water Feature take
you away to a calm place while your feet enjoy the luxury of a Hydro Therapy Massage.

Perfectly Clean
All our spas have a water management system with an Eco Filtration
System and Pure Water Ozone to keep your water sparkling clean at minimal cost and

Perfectly Economical
All our Spas have a Balboa Controller (the best in the world), Power
Saving Heat Mode, are Gas/Heat Pump ready,have Eight Layer Thermal Insulation, and
most importantly, a Super High Density Insulation Cover to keep the heat in the water,
giving you a huge head start on keeping running costs to a minimum.
Then, add in an Summerwave Heat Pump which will keep your water at temperature, ready and
waiting for you to enjoy your spa, and save you up to 75% on heating costs.

g3Perfectly Strong
A Super Tough Stainless Steel or Aluminium Frame and Wrap Around Fibreglass or ABS Sealed Base on every
Spa ensures your Spa has been built to last. No rotting timber frames or plastic
bases to crack or break in our spas.

  •  Balboa Controller
  • (Best in the World USA)
  • Aristech or Lucite Acrylic (USA)
  • Power Saving Heat Mode
  • Eco Circulation Pump
  • Super High Density Insulation Cover
  • Eight Layer Thermal Insulation
  • Super Tough Stainless Steel or Aluminium Frame
  • Pure Water Ozone
  • Wrap Around Fibreglass or ABS Sealed Base
  • Fibre Optic Lighting
  • Gas/Heat Pump Ready